domingo, 16 de outubro de 2011

The whole evolution without a purpose is a regression.

Somewhere, something went terribly wrong

Scientists do not believe in the existence of God, say that man has emerged as an evolution of a monkey, through mutation and natural selection, having arisen monkeys gradually more and more similar to humans, until finally came the man.

Monkeys refers to a category of lower primates, which have tails, are generally smaller, less intelligent and have a wide variety of species all over the world.

Ape refers to the restricted category of higher primates. They are the most intelligent animals in nature, much larger in size than the lower primates, none of them has a tail and only exist in Africa.

Homo Abilis >> Homo Ergaster >> Homo Erectus >> Homo Heidelbergensis >> Homo Sapiens

2 million years ago >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>200,000 years ago

We evolved from monkeys and keep doing monkeys business.

Summary: How do we solve energy poverty?

Nowadays the humanity come consuming a lot of power. This is provided of the electricity, hydroelectrics, burning of coal or fuels and others. Totaling almost 14 terawatt. The oil is a energy source so good that second the political scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon( of the University of Waterloo, during a talk at the Equinox Summit in early June.) "Three tablespoons of crude oil provide as much free energy as expended by an adult male laborer in a day’s labor."

The modern energy is coming in the poorest countries and enabling the continued use of copious energy in the developed world without the attendant greenhouse gas emissions. This is one of the most import things on the vision of many experts, because to them we will need of roughly 30 terawatts of energy by mid-century. Share that lifestyle to the rest of the world means more problems.

If a use of electricity grow up to the world means more environmental impact. And even if more environmentally-friendly technologies are used to extend modern energy’s reach, there will be more environmental impact. In the 1990s the electric vehicles cars were resurrected, researchers found that battery-powered cars would introduce more lead into the environment than if they burned leaded gasoline. That's energy, largely from fossil fuels, has freed humans and animals from labor by powering machines and also about health, a lack of modern energy means a lack of electricity to power refrigerators to store life-saving vaccines. Those applications of energy are definitely ones we want to extend to the developing world. The trick will be doing it in a way that preserves people and the planet.­­

(By David Biello | Jun 30, 2011)

We evolved from monkeys and keep doing monkey business.

Just some monkey laughs.

Monkey 1:

My name is Crysanto Augusto , and I am 19 years old . I am from Aracati-CE, but I have been living in Natal since 2008 with my brother and his girlfriend, but since he moved to Fortaleza it is been just me and her. I started the Science and technology course in Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte when I was 17 in 2010. I love sports, I go to the gym every day and I play basketball on Sundays. I also enjoy going out with my friends, either to someone’s house or to some place to listen to music, especially pop, rock, reggae or MPB.

I have played basketball since I was about 1, and I have been to several competitions. In 2008, I participated in the JERN’s and my team won first place against CDF’s team, that despite being younger, I had great players. Besides basketball, I have also played volleyball, handball, and practiced judo and athletics, having inherited my inclination towards different sports from my father, who still actively plays sports.

I love to travel and I would like live abroad, for some time, some day, preferably in Europe, studying to be successful. What I am going to work with, at the moment I'm thinking in mechanical engineering.

Monkey 2 :

My name is Eudes Francescoli, I am 21 years old and I live alone here in Natal since I was 15, in 2006, when I got to enter in the IFRN (Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of Rio Grande do Norte), where I studied Tourism and I had the best moment of my life. Now I study the Course of Buildings in the IFRN again, and in the college, the UFRN (Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte), the Science and technology Course. I wish to be a great professional of the building civil area.

I like to talk with friends and study things like language and calculus. I like some sports like swimming and volleyball. I love to help people, and for it I practice a blood donation. About music I like the international pop and rock style, I like The Beatles and Red Hot Chili Peppers; in the national style MPB (Popular Brazilian Music). Finally, I like a lot of all of the things and friends around me.

Monkey 3:

My name is Géssica Rafael, I am twenty years old, I was born in Parnamirim City on May 22, 1991. I study at Science and Technology School where I will intend to graduate in Oil Engineering. I am technique in agriculture graduate at Agricultural School Jundiai in Macaiba City where I studied all my high School.

I like a lot of things like to watch movies, to read books, to hear music, to talk in phone, and now and them, I intend to travel very much, to know new places as London, Italy, French and German. My favorite subject is mathematics so and the only thing that I need to learn by heart are the forms. I am catholic; I go to church every Sunday with my sister and my mother. I played hand ball during 6 years my old school therefore I have always practiced a lot of sport.

After I graduate I intend to work in the industry of Oil in Brazil or another place. But of course that I prefer in Brazil where all my family and my friends live.

Monkey 4:

My name is Raimundo Junior, I am 19 years old. I was born on august 12, 1992, in Feira de Santana City. I lived there until I was 11 years old, after I moved to Natal in august middle of 2003. I live with my parents and my sister. Here in Natal I studied in two schools, my last one was in the Centro Educacional Maristella, where I finished my high school. Nowadays I am graduating in C&T Course to be a mechanic engineer at UFRN. After my graduate I intend to work in the Ford Industry in Camaçari-Bahia.

About my hobbies, I have a lot of them, in the music I am eclectic, but I love the Classic music, Heavy Metal music and other. Bands such as the Beach Boys , The Beatles, Black Sabbath, Iron maiden, AC/DC, Ramones, Judas Priest, Beethoven, Mozart, Vivaldi, Fréderic Chopin and others. I may seems strange, but like a good “baiano” I love Axé music too. Movie is the one of most important hobbies in my life, I am only inside the movies mainly when we speak about super heroes movies. I love practicing sports. Nowadays I am practicing Kung Fu, swimming, cooper and soccer. I see the practice of sports like one of most important thing to keep my good health. One of my hobbies is the cooking, specifically Italian food. I only cook to my family, this is a pleasure. That’s me, one student of this warm world that just want a brilliant future.